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ST Coilover suspension kits for all VW Golf Mk7

Our three ST suspensions coilover kits are now available for all VW Golf Mk 7. The ST X comes with fixed pre-set damper settings, the ST XA with its adjustable shocks, and the ST XTA with adjustable dampers and unibal top mounts on the front axle which allows for a maximum lowering of up to 65 millimeters on the front and rear axle (according to the legal technical approval).

The maximum possible adjustment range for maximum lowering can vary depending on the VW Golf 7 model, drive concept, axle geometry, and engine performance. This is mainly because various special models of the VW Golf Mk 7, such as the VW Golf Mk 7 GTI TCR, come already lowered from the factory. If a lowering of 25 - 55 millimeters on the front axle and 20 - 45 millimeters on the rear axle is specified for the ST X, ST XA, or ST XTA coilover suspension of the VW Golf Mk 7 GTI, this corresponds to a lowering of up to 65 millimeters on the "normal" VW Golf Mk 7.

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In addition to an infinitely variable maximum lowering, all three ST coilovers also provide a significant increase in performance in terms of driving dynamics, handling, and safety reserves in every VW Golf Mk 7. And the best thing about it: Whether you are using the ST X, ST XA, or ST XTA coilover suspension kit, you do not need to fear any loss of residual driving comfort. With the high-quality coilover suspension kits from ST suspensions, the days when a coilover suspension was always just as tough as a conventional suspension are long gone. Also, the three ST coilover suspension kits that are available for the VW Golf Mk 7 convince with their ride comfort on long journeys. Only with the ST XTA coilover suspension kit can there be increased driving noise due to the aluminum unibal top mounts.

The ST coilovers ST X, ST XA and ST XTA available for the VW Golf 7 are also being produced directly at KW automotive in Fichtenberg, Swabia, and can now be customized on request in the run-up to production. Currently, you can order the mainsprings of the ST X, ST XA, and ST XTA coilover suspension in one of 18 available coating colors directly in our online shop or through your dealer. In addition, you can order the springs with optional customized text of up to 25 digits as well as different spring packages (harder spring rates) for the ST XTA coilover suspension.

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In detail: the ST X, the ST XA, and the ST XTA coilover suspension for your VW Golf Mk 7

The ST X coilover suspension kit is our entry-level model and allows maximum lowering within the scope of the legal technical approval. The dampers have a factory-set setup for significantly sportier handling with adequate residual comfort in everyday life. With the ST XA coilover suspension kit you can lower your VW Golf 7 the same as the ST X coilover suspension kit. The ST XA coilover suspension kit gives you the freedom to adjust the rebound forces with up to 16 clicks. This enables you to not only adjust the handling even sportier or more comfortable than the ST X, but also influences the steering and to a certain extent the pitching and rolling behavior of your bodywork.

The adjustable rebound valve in the ST XA coilover suspension has, a direct influence on the working speed during the rebound of the piston rod and the rate of decompression of the spring. When the adjustable rebound valve is closed, the ST XA coilover suspension's tuning becomes stiffer; and the rolling and pitching movements of the body are reduced. On the other hand, lower rebound damping (open rebound valves) increases driving comfort. In the factory default setting, the ST coilover suspension ensures an optimum compression and rebound ratio.

But with the ST XTA coilover suspension kit you get the maximum performance for the road! Just like the ST XA, the ST XTA's rebound forces can be adjusted with 16 clicks to make the suspension setup stiffer or more comfortable. The biggest difference, however, is that the ST XTA coilover suspension kit uses road-legal racing springs and a perfectly matched damper interior including piston rod, rebound valves. The ST XTA coilover suspension kit also has aluminum unibal top mounts on the front axle. This allows you to adjust the camber of your VW Golf Mk 7 quick and easily. The purpose of a camber adjustment is that your tires have a higher lateral force at very fast driven curves. With an ST XTA coilover suspension kit your VW Golf 7 is clearly more direct on the road. Since the aluminum top mounts have no rubber bearings and rubber insulation, your VW reacts to every steering maneuver even more directly and unadulterated!

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