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Our new ST X and ST XTA coilover kits are also available for the Mazda 3 MPS (Type BK). While both ST suspensions kits offers an approved lowering within an adjustment range of 20 - 50 mm at both axles, the ST XTA has further performance features.

While the ST X coilover suspension kit has a fixed damper setup, you easy can adjust the damper forces as well as the camber with our ST XTA coilover suspension kit. Also, the ST XTA dampers are adjustable within 16 clicks in the rebound forces. So you can dial a further stiffer or a softer damper setup.

As an alternative to our ST XTA kits we also developed the ST X coilover kit with progressive springs and nonadjustable dampers. Compared to other suspension systems, the ST X ensures significantly improved handling, without sacrificing your driving comfort.

The KW damper Technology used by ST suspensions puts an end to the old prejudice that a coilover suspension is always harder than a conventional suspension. By designing the damper valve assembly in conjunction with Shorter damper housings and matching springs, the ST coilovers ensure sufficient ride comfort in everyday life, despite lowering.

From case to case, the suspension travel can even be up to a centimeter longer than with a standard suspension. A Mazda 3 MPS equipped with the ST XTA coilover suspension kit craves for challenging corners.

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