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In Germany as well as in other countries, the SUVs of the Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai become more and more popular. Hyundai has introduced the third generation of the Tucson (type TLE, TE) as an alternative to the VW Tiguan. For the compact SUV, whose predecessor was offered in Europe under the designation ix35, the suspension manufacturer KW automotive has developed the ST XA coilover kit.

Thanks to the in Germany manufactured ST coilovers with adjustable KW damper technology, it is easy to change the response of the dampers. The ST suspensions coilover kit can be adjusted more comfortable or stiffer.

The ST XA coilover kit allows a continuous lowering by the millimeter. On the front axle, the tested lowering range is between 20 and 40 mm, on the rear axle between 35 and 55 mm. Changing the lowering is, of course, also possible in the installed state via the trapezoidal thread on the suspension struts or via the rear axle height adjustment.

The KW damper technology used by ST suspensions puts an end to the old prejudice that a coilover kit is always harder than a conventional suspension.

Due to the design of the damper valve assembly combined with shorter damper housings and adapted springs, the ST coilovers provide a sporty driving comfort in everyday life, despite the lowering.

After the installation of the ST XA coilovers, the Hyundai Tucson drives with even more track stability, the SUV’s typical rolling of the body is reduced, and the handling, which is often perceived as spongy by the electromechanical steering, is now much more agile in the “Sport-mode” of the active steering.

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