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At ST suspensions we have developed a comprehensive range of suspension components for your Ford. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for dampers, stamping discs, springs, coilovers, spring distance kits, sports suspensions or stabilizers.

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ST Products for Your Ford

ST coilovers

Our ST coilover suspensions allow you to quickly and easily adjust your Ford to your individual lowering and, in addition to an appealing appearance, you increase the driving dynamics.

Height adjustable
Hardness adjustable
Unibal support bearings
*Only ST XTA and ST XA

ST coilovers in direct comparison

ST Wheel spacers

With our ST spacers it is easy to set the optics of series or accessory rims on your Ford in scene.

Our bolt-thru system features a multi-hole bolt pattern that covers up to twelve bolt patterns on a single disc. With the innovative ST wheel mounting hardware, the ST DZX Wheel Spacer system is suitable for vehicles with wheel bolts or wheel studs. In combination with our patented wheel hub adapter rings, you can widen the wheel track by 5-25mm per wheel in precise 2.5mm increments.

  • For wheel bolts and wheel studs
  • Multi-hole circular bores from 4x98 - 6x132
  • Available from 5 - 25 mm per wheel
  • Patented adapter system
  • Innovative fastening material
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Our bolt-on system in combination with our patented wheel hub adapter rings is suitable for vehicles with wheel bolts or wheel studs. With the ST AZX Wheel Spacers, you can widen the wheel track from 20 to 35mm per wheel.

  • For wheel bolts and wheel studs
  • All common bolt hole circles from 5x108 - 5x127
  • Available from 20 - 35mm per wheel
  • Patented adapter system
  • Innovative fastening material

Products for the most popular Ford models:

Ford Focus

Modell (vehicle type)

FOCUS (DAW, DBW, DFW)(from 1998)
FOCUS (DBY)(from 2002)
FOCUS II (DA3, DB3, DA3-RS)(from 2004)
FOCUS III (DYB, DYB-RS)(from 2011)
FOCUS C-MAX (DM2)(from 2003)

Ford Mustang

Modell (vehicle type)

MUSTANG (LAE)(from 2017)

Ford Fiesta

Modell (vehicle type)

FIESTA (JAS, JBS)(from 1995)
FIESTA (JH1, JD3)(from 2001)
FIESTA (JHH)(from 2017)

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Other ST Products

Why ST suspensions for your Ford?

Individual products in KW quality at fair prices

Did you know that ST suspensions has been around since the late seventies and that we in Southern California were exclusively concerned with the development of lowering springs, sports suspensions and stabilizers for sporty compact models on the US market? Since the takeover by KW automotive Group in 2005, we were able to successfully offer coilover suspensions made in Germany on our American home market for the first time and further establish ourselves as a suspension manufacturer in North America.

100 % KW Engineering - even with the adjustable spring plate!

For example, all our ST coilovers are manufactured exclusively in Germany at KW automotive and since the beginning of 2014 our entire product range including dampers, spacers, springs, coilovers, elevator kits and stabilizers has been manufactured and sold under the roof of KW automotive Group.

Simply put, when you buy a ST suspensions product for your Ford, you get our many years of expertise and engineering from KW automotive delivered free of charge! And best of all: All our ST products meet the high OEM requirements of the German automotive industry, various approval and certification bodies as well as KW's quality standards. With ST suspensions you can be sure that you are getting real KW engineering for your Ford.

Stance for your


Driving dynamics

Ken Block says:

"ST suspensions offers the perfect suspension upgrade for your Ford!"