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ST XTA Gewindefahrwerk im Ford Mustang LAE Faceliftmodell

ST Coilovers, ST height-adjustable springs, ST sport springs and ST wheel spacers for your Ford Mustang (LAE)

Launched in August 2014, the sixth edition of the Ford Mustang has become one of the best-selling sports cars. It was also the first time in the model’s history that the Ford Mustang was also offered as a right-hand drive car and thus transformed itself into the "world sports car" for the automobile manufacturer. Besides various coilovers and a sports spring set, ST suspensions is now introducing height-adjustable springs for all Ford Mustang of the LAE series, coupe, and convertible as well as the facelift models available since October 2017. These height-adjustable spring sets, which are also available under the term coil springs aka height-adjustable springs.

ST XTA Gewindefahrwerk für das Faceliftmodell des Ford Mustangs LAE

As with the predecessor, the popular ST XTA coilover kit with adjustable Unibal topmounts and tuneable dampers is available for the facelift model. If desired, the suspension can be fine-tuned in terms of its characteristics using the manually adjustable rebound stage valves.

Thanks to the adjustable top mounts, it is possible to adjust the camber in order to have an optimal tire support surface at increased cornering speeds.

The stepless adjustment range is between 20 and 40 mm at the front axle. A tested lowering of 15 to 35 mm can be set on the drive axle. Setting the tested lowering takes place directly on the galvanized spring struts.

Equipped also with adjustable dampers, the ST XA coilover kit allows the facelift Mustang (LAE, 2018) to be steplessly lowered in the same setting range as the XTA.

Both coilovers provide a much sportier road handling and more direct handling, with the ST XTA suspension with its adjustable top mounts on the front struts for even more uncompromising handling. With both suspensions, the slight tendency to understeer the Mustang is significantly reduced.

You also can order ST height-adjustable springs in different colors and tagg them with custom digits.

There is hardly any limit to the individualization of a car. No matter if it’s rims, brake calipers, body-color, to interior anything can be ordered in different colors. ST suspensions suspension components can now offer the same individualization. For a small fee, the mainsprings of the ST coilover suspensions and ST coilover springs can be ordered in 18 different RAL colors, including individual lettering, from specialty dealers, or directly from ST suspensions.

Shop Now The adjustment range is between 15 – 30 millimeters with the height-adjustable ST springs.

This is also available with the new ST springs with adjustable height for the sixth series of the Ford Mustang (LAE). Compared to ST's conventional lowering springs, the great advantage of ST height-adjustable springs is the adjustment of an individual lowering. For this purpose, the springs have a spring perch and a threaded sleeve which is mounted on the standard spring struts. This makes it possible to freely adjust the level of lowering within a tested setting range, similar to a coilover suspension. In the case of the ST coil springs for the Mustang, this range is 15 - 30 millimeters for both axles.

Regardless of whether it's a Ford Mustang convertible or a Ford Mustang coupé or Facelift model; our ST height-adjustable springs are also available for all LAE versions.

Regardless of whether it's a Ford Mustang convertible or a Ford Mustang coupé with a 5.0-liter V8 or 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, or Facelift model. The ST height-adjustable springs are also available for versions equipped with the optional adaptive "MagneRide suspension". The installation of the height-adjustable springs can be carried out in any specialist car workshop in just a few working units and the original standard support bearings can also continue to be used.

If the muscle car is equipped with the optional adaptive suspension (MagneRide) and the comfort functions of the electronic shock absorbers are to be maintained, the ST sport springs for 239 euros are an interesting alternative for an appealing lowering.

The ST delivery program is rounded off with a comprehensive range of different spacers. With the ST DZX and AZX spacers it is quick and easy to widen the track facelifted Ford Mustangs (LAE, model year 2018). The DZX discs make it possible to widen the track from 10 to 45 mm per axle and to widen the track from 40 to 70 mm with the AZX discs. 

The conical shaped ST adapters guarantee perfect wheel centering. Thus, an imbalance due to the wheel spacers can be excluded. The adapters made of a polyamide composite also prevent the occurrence of corrosion on the wheel hub and the rim. In addition, the unsprung mass is reduced by the significant weight reduction. This prevents vibrations on the steering wheel. The wheel spacers are mounted with the innovative ST lock nuts. As a result, no complicated conversion measures on the wheel hub are more necessary, as would be the case with conventional wheel spacers.

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